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Our Mission
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Our Mission

Citizens for Consumer Justice (CCJ) is a nonprofit, social welfare organization founded in the summer of 1997 to promote economic, racial, social, civil and environmental justice through citizen action and campaigns to educate the public. CCJ has become the leading nonprofit consumer rights organization in Pennsylvania working for:

  • quality health care for all;
  • lowering of prescription drug prices;
  • defending Social Security and Medicare;
  • preserving charitable assets;
  • protecting access to our civil justice system;
  • working for campaign finance reform and clean money elections;
  • advocating for stronger corporate accountability measures;
  • promoting dedicated funding of public transportation; and
  • ensuring democracy in the ../media and telecommunications industry.

Safeguarding the Public's Interest
With the increasing attacks on the public sector, institutions and services once created to protect and serve the general public are being undermined, cut back, deregulated, privatized or turned into for-profit operations.  With hospitals mergers, deregulation of public utilities, the loss of charitable assets, the unchecked influence of for-profit corporations on government, and privatization of public schools and/or for-profit corporations running schools, who is watching out for the common good?  With merger after merger creating mega corporations, who is safeguarding the public’s interest?  CCJ is the only statewide consumer rights organization consistently monitoring these activities.


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