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Prescription Drugs & Medicare

CCJ will continue to support a Medicare prescription drug benefit to be provided within the Medicare program as an option for all beneficiaries.  Any plan must have sufficient Medicare funding to ensure affordable premiums and cost-sharing that will cover all medications beneficiaries need, and that will empower Medicare to negotiate directly with pharmaceutical companies for lower prescription drug prices.  CCJ will oppose any measure to turn Medicare�s guaranteed health benefits into a voucher system or to move beneficiaries into HMOs or other managed care plans.

In recent years, CCJ has organized bus trips for senior citizens and people with disabilities to go to Canada to purchase their medications.  Actions like these have helped to raise awareness about the high cost of prescription drugs in the United States, and the price gouging by the pharmaceutical industry. Though CCJ is no longer running bus trips to Canada, we will continue to fight for prescription drug coverage under Medicare and push for state legislation that would allow Pennsylvania to reduce the cost of prescription drugs for senior citizens, people living on fixed incomes, and low-income individuals.  Please check back for updates.

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