For Immediate Release:
February 13, 2003

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Contact: Lauren Townsend, CCJ, 215-569-8220; Adam Luna, Institute for America's Future, 202-955-5665; Maureen Tate, United for a Fair Economy, 215-726-8664

New Report:  Bush Economic Plan Fails Pennsylvania

For Valentine’s Day, the Fair Taxes for All Coalition calls upon
Senators Specter and Santorum to Vote Down Bush “Sweetheart Deal for Millionaires” and Vote to Turn the Economy Around

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  – Local citizens and organizations belonging to the Fair Taxes for All Coalition released a new report detailing the damage Bush’s economic plans would have on Pennsylvania.  The report contrasts the damage of the Bush approach with alternatives in Congress that would turn the economy around by putting Americans back to work.  Activists will deliver the report to Senators Specter and Santorum next week and urge them to stand for Pennsylvanians and against the failed policy of sweetheart deals for only millionaires.  

Taking part in the press conference were representatives from Responsible Wealth, a project of United for a Fair Economy, the Institute for America’s Future, Citizens for Consumer Justice, AFSCME District Council 47, Pennsylvania Alliance for Retired Americans, and the Philadelphia Unemployment Project.  The local coalition is part of a national campaign to oppose the Bush tax cuts. 

Lauren Townsend, Executive Director of Citizens for Consumer Justice said, “Governing is about choices, and Senators Specter and Santorum face a real choice here – are they going to keep holding their noses and vote for this latest Bush giveaway?  Or are they going to vote to put our country on the right track?”  

“As Americans watch our economic health deteriorate – the president continues to aggressively shove our nation’s economy in the wrong direction: $90,000 tax cuts for millionaires and sound bites for the rest of us,” said Townsend. 

The report was released by Adam Luna of the Institute for America's Future based in Washington, DC.  It presents clear evidence that the President’s economic plan does not benefit average Pennsylvania citizens.  In fact, the report states that if passed, the Bush proposals could actually worsen Pennsylvania’s fiscal deficit by $97 million while the Senate plan would close the Pennsylvania state fiscal deficit by $1.787 billion, reducing the need to raise state taxes or cut program spending, and helping to stimulate the Pennsylvania economy by that amount.

Furthermore, the Bush plan would only create 8,085 jobs in Pennsylvania during the next year.  But even this meager gain would be reversed in future years.  The report finds that in ten years the Bush plan would reduce the number of jobs available to Pennsylvanians by 33,972. 

Maureen Tate of Responsible Wealth, a project of United for a Fair Economy, said, "The Bush proposal, combined with plans to make recent tax cuts for the wealthy permanent and to abolish the estate tax, is really a very sweet and unexpected gesture from the Bush administration - a valentine bonus for the wealthy and Wall Street.  But what about Main Street?  We don't need tax cuts for millionaires, we need a real economic plan to provide short-term relief and long-term prosperity for all Americans.”

Representing United for a Fair Economy, Helena Schaaremen added, “The only result of the economic stimulus package as proposed by President Bush is “stimulating” the economic inequality in the U.S. “ 

Bush Plan:  Who Gets What in Pennsylvania: 

  • Top 1% would get $29,051

  • 49% would receive a tax cut of less than $100

  • Typical middle-income taxpayer would get only $285

  • Bush plan would create only 8,085 jobs through end of 2004, and in 10 years the Bush plan would reduce the number of jobs available to Pennsylvania by 33,972

 “As an activist working to help senior citizens in Pennsylvania, I can’t believe that the president is pushing a plan that actually would worsen our state budget.  I sure hope Senators Specter and Santorum will stand up for the people of Pennsylvania and vote against the Bush plan,” said Martin Berger of the Pennsylvania Alliance for Senior Citizens.

 The Fair Taxes for All Coalition is part of a nationwide campaign to oppose the Bush tax cuts.  It is a growing network of individuals and organizations who have agreed to the following statement of principles: 

  • The package of tax cuts proposed by President Bush is too costly and would do little to stimulate the weak economy and create jobs now.  The tax cuts are far too large, poorly designed, and highly inequitable.

  • The new tax cuts jeopardize the nation’s ability to meet its domestic and foreign responsibilities, threaten national and state fiscal stability and security both now and in future years, and inequitably distribute the benefits they provide.

  • In contrast to the Bush plan, any economic package must provide temporary, short-term stimulus that is fiscally responsible and equitable.  Any such package should include aid to states to help respond to their fiscal crises, and should focus on people who will spend the money now, including those hard hit by the economic downturn.

For more information about the Fair Taxes for All Coalition, contact Citizens for Consumer Justice at our toll free number 877-841-9976 or visit our web site at

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