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The Myth of Research and Development:  Exposing the Pharmaceutical Industry

What can you do to reduce the high cost of your medications?

Canadian Resources to Consider

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Canadian Resources to Consider

In order to get your medications from Canada, you must do the following:

  1. Get your prescriptions from your U.S. doctor;
  2. Call a Canadian pharmacy OR go online to compare prices and check the availability of the medications you need.  CCJ has worked with the following pharmacies
  • Kohlers pharmacy in the past located in Hamilton (about 45 minutes from Niagara Falls which is good for people living in Western Pennsylvania). Their number is 1-905-527-1716 or toll free at
  • Hunt's Pharmacy in Kingston, Ontario. This is more convenient for those living in Eastern Pennsylvania.  Their number is

    Online resources for prescription medications:

    When you call or place orders online, there are specific procedures you will need to follow.  The details are nicely spelled out at the above sites.  Prices should include a Canadian physician's review of the prescription and the pharmacy dispensing fee.  The only additional cost is usually shipping and handling which can run from $8.00 to $13.00 (U.S.) per shipment, not per prescription.

    Seniors belonging to Alliance for Retired Americans or Action Alliance of Senior Citizens of Greater Philadelphia have an arrangement with Scriptsense. So check their websites for updates.

The information provided on this page does not express any particular recommendation or guarantee on the part of CCJ. It is provided informational purposes only so that individuals may investigate options to help alleviate the high cost of prescription medications. 


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